Functional Characteristics:

  • To improve the nutrient absorption, metabolism & immunity.
    Change the common water into nanometer activated water, which is rich in mineral element, such as Ca, Ma, K, and Na.
  • Resist oxidation, delay senility & be favorable for human being’s health.
    The negative potential can eliminate the excrescent free radical.
  • Strong solubility, and long-term’s drinking can prevent the renal calculus.
    Neutralize the acidic toxin in the bowels, eliminate the dystopia.
  • Cure acidosis, rectify the acidic constitution.
  • Neutralize the excrescent gastric acid, protect against gastritis.
  • Creates a silky-smooth and sweet tasting water pH 7+ to 9.5 (typically increases pH by about 2 or more points)
  • Low negative ORP (typically reduces the Oxygen Reduction Potential by at least 200mv) giving it strong and measurable antioxidant potential Abundance of activated hydrogen also helps to eliminate active oxygen (free radicals)
  • Small water molecule creates a very absorbable water Deoxidation process is visible – activated hydrogen bubbles are formed Contains silver ceramic and anti-bacterial balls.
  • Takes only a few moments to create your own “wellness water” Uses only non-toxic materials (no chemical leaching like in plastic containers)
    Easy cleaning 3-month usage based on 1 liters consumption daily Portability and stylish design makes it unique, convenient, and ideal for driving, travel, offfice, school, hiking, sports, and anywhere you need to be on the go No extra maintenance cost – just filter replacement when needed


  • Alkaline water: Make the drinking water to be alkaline, neutralize human bodies, acidic substances and keep balance of the body system.
  • Negative potential water: Normal water will be adjusted to negative potential water with an ORP below -200mV in about 5 minutes. It is a strong anti-oxidant which removes free radicals, enhance immunity and keep us from aging.
  • Add beneficial microelements: Various natural mineral substances are set out which provide body with necessary microelements and improve body organs to grow healthy.
  • Energized water with small molecular group: With strong osmosis, infusibility and oxygen-affinity, nutrients and more oxygen brought by energized water are easily absorbed into our body cells, and easily take the waste and toxins away from our body cells. It will greatly improve our metabolism.